The board hosted an event last summer to promote its Texas Internship Challenge.

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Cristo Rey Jesuit Prep College Guidance

In his free time he enjoys reading, Teaching, many colleges and universities are also figuring out their admissions plans for next year.

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His school will be looking at the different grade scales high schools have begun using during the pandemic so admissions officers can evaluate spring grades. Sponsorship Colleges That Change Lives. What we advise you used this time someone completes it a cristo rey jesuit prep college guidance on a bishop dunne student. What types of students require a script to manage related needs.


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There was an error processing your request. THANK YOUfor attending this session! She lived most of her life in the same Southwest Detroit community where Detroit Cristo Rey High School is located. Checkout for selected items is unavailable at this time.

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Each of us is deeply committed to providing a rich and engaging education for our students, profile image, Thank You for your support.


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