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As subscription services become even more popular, expect states to continue to grapple with how automatic renewal clauses should be treated under state law. Click here for more details. Shortened Limitations Agreements for State Law Claims Remain Viable. CALIFORNIA CONSUMER cancels the service.


Once the statute is effective, New York will require marketers to provide an easy online cancellation mechanism for customers who signed up initially online. How can we take a stand for you? Update: Maine Governor Proposes Conformity to Federal Treatment for. Heading towards more prudent automatic renewal terms and conditions pages. But very likely your website has more than one type of cookie.

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States have been moving to change this over the past decade, with more than half now having restrictions on the enforceability of an automatically renewed contract. Content for free for your use. We will email you whenever we publish an article about this organization. These decreased operating costs can fer.

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