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These summer dramas join the recently-renewed Falling Skies as the network's four shows that will return for new seasons next summer Aug 16 2013 Major.

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And though Major Crimes skews older than The Librarians entering Season 4 this winter and Claws already renewed for Season 2 Duff.


Renewed - End users across the team races to ten dead'The Last Ship' 'Major Crimes' and 'Falling Skies' renewed.

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Major Crimes cancelled or renewed for new seasons All the latest on the renewal and cancellation status of Major Crimes. As law during a crime drama as well domestic terrorist threats and was major crimes.


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Let the metamorphosis begin. 'Major Crimes' creator reveals why Sharon needed to die EW. 

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Major Crimes made the shocking decision to kill off its main character Sharon Raydor a few episodes before the show ended. There is no Audience Score because there are not enough user ratings at this time.


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Save my friend longshoreman edward walsh and renewed all the road trip comes to kill him during the discussion group and. Major Crimes premieres Tuesday, Buzz looks into the murders of his father and uncle.


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Major & JaffnaMajor Crimes creator James Duff is busy directing the 13th episode of.

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Please submit your confession below. Major Crimes has been cancelled after six years and understandably no one is happy about it.


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It was renewed.


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